We are now offering Telemedicine at River Ridge Animal Clinic!

Telemedicine has a great potential for helping to reach more people and their pets than ever before and we are now able to provide this great service to you! We will now offer telemedicine appointments Thursday 5-7pm, Friday 5-7pm and Saturday 3-5pm to help accommodate those of you that need somewhat ‘after hours’ visits, or for those of you that want to minimize your time out of the house, want the convenience of an at-home visit, or for any other reason, the possibilities are endless!

We are very excited to offer these services to you and hope you enjoy them as much as we think you will!

-Dr. Hooks and River Ridge Animal Staff

How will it work?

You will be able to request a telemedicine appointment via the ‘Schedule an appointment’ button.

Request an Appointment

Once scheduled you will receive an email shortly before your scheduled time with a link that you simply have to click on (no downloading an app, just click and go!). You will then click on the link (be sure to allow the doxy.me app to have access to video/camera on your phone and tablet, this is how it videos you) and we will be notified when you are waiting. Be sure your pet is in the room and we will then start the appointment as we normally would in the clinic, with a Pet Nurse going over history and collecting vitals information. Lastly, the veterinarian will visually examine your pet and make recommendations, just as easy as that!

Additionally, during the hours of 5-7pm on Thursday and Friday and 3-5pm on Saturday we will also have the ability to live chat with you in order to see you right away if you didn’t get a chance to schedule ahead of time (the same steps will be followed to start the visit, you will receive an email with a link for you to click on).

*By law, the state of Florida still requires a ‘hands-on’ physical examination for pets once yearly in order to prescribe medications or treat illnesses.

Current clients with pets that have been seen with a ‘hands-on’ physical exam in the past year:

We will be able to see your pet via telemedicine and prescribe medications if the Veterinarian deems necessary. We may even be able to deliver or mail your prescription to you so there is no need to leave your house!

If the Veterinarian recommends diagnostic tests that require you to bring your pet to the clinic, we will set aside a time that works for you to bring your pet to us; rest assured though, these will be very quick visits for you! Our goal is to get your pet the diagnostics and care they need and let you get on with your busy day! You can even pre-pay through the telemedicine app so there is no need to wait in line at the front desk.

New clients that have not had their pets seen by us or existing clients whose pet is overdue for their annual ‘hands-on’ physical exam:

We will still be able to see your pet via telemedicine but it will work as a two-part service. We will initiate the visit and do a visual exam then we will set aside a time that is convenient for you to bring your pet to us to finish the ‘hands-on’ portion of the physical exam (which will fulfill the yearly requirement). We can still make recommendations during the visit but we can not prescribe medications until your pet comes into the clinic. Again, rest assured these will be very quick visits for you! Our goal is even though you still must have your pet in the office with us for the ‘hands-on’ physical exam, we want to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete the necessary treatments and get you back to your busy day! You can also still pre-pay via the telemedicine app eliminating the need to wait in line at the front desk.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 352-631-5252 or email us at Telemedicine@riverridgeanimalclinic.com, we look forward to treating your pet!